What does ‘Local’ mean to you?

Local can mean so many different things. It can be local, like right down the street. It can be your local, as in your local pub where they know what you drink and, hopefully, even your name. It can be a locavore lifestyle, such as eating foods grown within a certain radius of your home. It can be supporting a community business, artist or sports team. Local Sprouts is going to explore local on all sorts of levels, with a focus on people, culture and food–and all the iterations these themes come in.

Local Sprouts wants to know what local means to you. How would you define local? What local place, space, event, community or individual springs to mind when you hear the word local? This is your chance to share your local story, the best of your community/neighbourhood/life. Send along your thoughts & LS will see what’s up and share it with readers. It can be anything which connects to people, culture and food–your favourite coffee shop, the best library, an inspirational community leader or special event you want to share. Big or small, well known or undiscovered gem, local is the name of the game.

Post your ideas below and I’ll add them to the list of people, places and experiences to explore. Local Sprouts is based in Sydney, Australia, but is happy to entertain near or far. I’ve lived all over and am from away, so you never know what might pop up on Local Sprouts! Happy Reading!


4 thoughts on “What does ‘Local’ mean to you?

  1. What a great idea! Local to me means the freshly grown food and eateries within a 10km radius of where I live. I’d really like to support local business by explore more of my locals this year.


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