Tea and Talk in Newtown

As a newer arrival to Australia, foodie and local devote, I am interested in what foods we can forage for in our local bush, reserves and backyards. The Green Living Centre  hosted a Bush Food Talk n Tea with guest speakers Marina and Jasmin from i Sustainable, a local organisation focused on growing sustainable futures.

The knowledge and expertise of native plants and bush foods was evident as Marina made her way through the presentation. Passing around books and info sheets on each plant, participants were encouraged to engage with questions and exchange recipes, tips on best uses and where to find the foods locally in Sydney, reinforcing the Centre’s role as a hub for the local community.


Guiding the participants through a host of native bush foods, Marina and Jasmin showcased the plants in an edible form. From lemon myrtle tea and wattle seed coffee to homemade bunya nut cake served with jellies, marmelades and honey made by Sustainable Food Farm, a division of i Sustain, our knowledge was brought to another level through our senses. The Davidson Plum Rainforest fruit jelly was a tart, zingy standout, as was the bright Rozella Flower tea.

Sustainable Food Farm jams

Sustainable Food Farm jams

Native plants, bush food, building community–this is what the Tea n Talk were all about. The conversation continues with The Green Living Centre hosting many more food talks. Local Sprouts encourages you to start talking and learning from experts about what you can eat from your backyard, hedgerow and local reserve. Join a local conversation, take a class or enjoy a meal created from locally sourced, native foods. The incredible flavours are waiting!



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