Chocolate Loving Local

Recently, Local Sprouts curator Katie participated in a chocolate eating, errr, making course at Coco Chocolate in Mosman, which was an absolute blast. After an entire morning surrounded by chocolate and the sea, LS decided it was time to see what local means to Coco Chocolate manager Gemma Foubister.

LS: Share a bit about yourself with us!

GF: I’m from London and have lived in Neutral Bay for 2.5 years now. I moved over to manage the Coco Chocolate stores, after managing the Edinburgh store. I love how friendly Sydney-siders are, and that there are still small, local shopping areas in each suburb. I love boutique little shops, whether they are selling food, furniture or clothes – whether I find them accidentally or intentionally – they are always a treat.

Coco Chocolate store in Mosman

Coco Chocolate store in Mosman

LS: Where is your local community/neighbourhood and what do you love about it/ how could you describe it?

GF: Neutral Bay. I always feel like I have the best of both worlds – I can be in the city in 5 minutes, or on a beach in 10! It’s vibrant on a Friday and Saturday night, but if I’m after tranquility I can enjoy the walk around Cremorne Point.

LS: If you were showing someone from out of town around your local area, where would you take them?

GF: The Oaks! I love it on a summer evening in the beer Garden.

LS: What does ‘local’ mean to you?

GF: I love feeling comfortable in my surroundings and with the people around me. It’s always nice to see familiar friendly faces.

LS: Hidden local gem?

GF: Coco Chocolate! Our stores are always slightly off the beaten path. I love when new faces appear through the door and are just in awe of how beautiful both the decor and chocolates are!

Outdoor wall mural tempting passers-by

Outdoor wall mural tempting passers-by

LS: Local person, cultural or food experience Local Sprouts should seek out?

GF: I’d highly recommend eating Fish and Chips on Balmoral Beach at sunset.

Beautiful Balmoral Beach

Beautiful Balmoral Beach


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