Get local in Tropical North Queensland with Tassievore on tour!

Tassievore Eat Local Challenge

It is August in Tasmania, which often means chilly and wet weather and not a lot of fresh fruit around.  The feijoas and passionfruits are finished and I tend to be getting a bit bored of apples and pears (I know I should be appreciative and will try to cultivate this more). Even the reserves of frozen berries are getting low, so it was pretty amazing to hop on a plane and get off a few hours later in Tropical North Queensland!

At the very first meeting that we started talking about what has become the Tassievore Eat Local Challenge, someone asked about what they should do if they go on holiday somewhere.  We decided that in this case you should eat local to wherever you are.  Quite a fun prospect in August in Far North Queensland!

There are little road side fruit and veg stalls a plenty and I…

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