Chinese New Year’s Eve Banquet in Sydney

It is no secret that I think the team at Restaurant Atelier is fantastic! Getting in the spirit of the Chinese New Year, Darren and the team have put together a Banquet, which sounds like it will not disappoint! Pork! Duck! Snapper! Abalone! Happy New Year!

See in the Year of the Snake with the following great banquet menu:

  • Char Sui Pork with Pickled Vegetables
  • Hot & Sour Soup with Abalone
  • Peking Duck, 2-Ways
  • Cantonese-Style Whole Snapper
  • Glazed Suckling Pig with Condiments


Saturday, 9 February 2013

Bookings from 6pm

22 Glebe Point Road Glebe NSW Australia 2037
p: +61 2 9566 2112
Dinner: Tuesday - Saturday from 6pm


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