Love me a good Welsh cake!

Edible Swansea

Today is the Feast of St. David, the patron saint of Wales, which means I have reached for the chapatti pan again.  Like many Welsh children I tried to eat Welsh cakes as soon as I could after they had come off the griddle; soft and melting, one was left with a burned mouth for one’s sins.  I don’t recall Welsh cakes as a particularly St. David’s Day tradition, but I do remember the infernal stench of the fresh leeks that were pinned to the boys’ pullovers, only to be shredded into ribbons by the end of the day; a tradition that thankful seems to have died out.  While Welsh cakes were then a fairly frequent treat, in our modern generally cake-less regime we need an excuse to make them – so bring out the griddle and the spices.

Llangynwyd is a historic village on the mountain top above the…

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