Urban. Coffee. Paper. Art.

Rag Land Cafe recently hosted Marine Coutroutsios for a artist-in-action morning, which is how Local Sprouts discovered her whimsical paper cut art. Taking local to a new level, Marine binds the urban coffee culture with nature in stunning pieces. Read on and discover the beauty the Sydney cafe scene is inspiring!

Marine's intricate Paper Cuts

LS: Who are you? What makes you tick? 

MC: I’m an artist, with paper cuts and drawings I explore the relationship we have with our living environment in a positive way. I came from France few months ago, following my boyfriend who got a job here. I really enjoy Sydney, for a big city I think it is quite a human size, water and nature are never very far. I lived one year on the west coast of France and since this time I need to be surround by water! Sydney seems to have all the qualities to feed my balance between urban and nature…

Sydney CBD Skyline

LS: Where is your local community/neighbourhood and what do you love about it? How could you describe it?

MC: We live in Sydney CBD for essentially 2 reasons : it’s more convenient for my boyfriend to go working and it’s the heart of the city when you just arrived from overseas and know nothing about Sydney. What we like about it, it’s we are close to everything and in about 15 min we are able to have a lunch in Surry Hills, go for a walk in Pyrmont or have a drink in The Rocks… So even if the Sydney CBD is a busy place, you can enjoy very different atmosphere everyday.

LS: If you were showing someone from out of town around your local area, where would you take them?

MC:  Everywhere! It’s a very hard question there are so many place I love here and so much I have to discover. But a walk from the fish market to Mrs Macquarie Point would be a good start to embrace the water/urban side of Sydney.

LS: What does ‘local’ mean to you/your work/your family?

MC: Regarding my position as a foreigner and as a new Sydney-sider, I think “local” means to be part of my new community, find my place here, know more about the city and make new relationships with people from here. Make Sydney my new home!

LS: Hidden local gem?

MC: The best milkshake I ever had at the Cafe Morso on Jones Bay Warf and because of the environment : pontoon, water, terrace!

The Best Milkshake!

LS: Local person, cultural or food experience Local Sprouts should seek out?

MC: I’ve just finished an art project in collaboration with some friendly cafes, so I really recommend them : The Rag Land (Waterloo), Bangbang Espresso (Surry Hills), The Robocog (Surry Hills), and Not Just Coffee (Paddington). All those guys are really nice and I think that’s what we expect about ‘local’ also, isn’t it?


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