Recipe Friday! Local Chevre is on the menu!

Today’s creamy recipe comes from our friends over at Woodside Cheese Wrights in Adelaide. Using locally sourced milk to make their award winning products, Woodside Cheese Wrights have taken cheese making in Australia to soaring heights. With a lemony tang, the flavour of the chevre is enhanced after being baked…and leaves you wanting more. Their cheeses are stocked across Australia and are well worth seeking out. A Local Sprouts’ favourite is the Mandolin. Those friesians really know what their doing when it comes to milk! So spice up your Easter weekend and cozy up with this garlicky, cheesey, tasty starter and get to know Woodside Cheese Wrights’ idea of local.

Woodside Cheese Chevre Recipe

Woodside Cheese Wrights

Cellar Door open every day except Good Friday and Christmas from 10 – 4 pm

Heritage Park
22 Henry St
Woodside 5244
South Australia



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