TEDxSydney 2013 Line-Up Announced!

Quick Sydney! Get in on TEDxSydney Takeing place on Saturday, 4th May 2013, you can apply here to be part of the audience at the Sydney Opera House concert hall, watch the simulcast from other areas of the Opera House, or host or attend one of the numerous satellite events taking place around Australia and be part of the action via live stream.

Speakers at TEDxSydney this year include:

Industrial designer Marc Newson, who will engage in a Q&A session withTEDxSydney curator and TV producer Julian Morrow.

Professor David Sinclair, Dept. of Genetics, Harvard Medical School, with a talk that could change the way we think about ageing – forever.

Dr. Alice Gorman, Dept. of Archaeology, Flinders University, South Australia, will illuminate the realm of space junk.

Director of legal advocacy Jennifer Robinson from Bertha Philanthropy Services cross-examines and challenges the limits of the law.

Architect Paul Pholeros talks about architecture’s role in eliminating poverty.

Senior visiting research fellow at Green Templeton College Dr. Andrew Parkersheds light on the curious world of colour.

Author and researcher Dr. Rebecca Huntley explains why we are not consumers and reveals original research for the first time at TEDxSydney.

Emeritus professor Ron McCallum from Sydney University law school, the first blind person appointed to a full professorship at an Australian university, reflects upon a life transformed by technology.

Sungevity founder Danny Kennedy tells us why it’s entrepreneurs who are changing the world in a more meaningful way than any other group.

Human geographer and Associate Professor Bill Pritchard poses new questions about why hunger persists in a world full of food.

Stanford University professor Simon Jackman discusses the shifts in information collection and how voting behaviour is understood during elections.

Sydney artist George Poonkhin Khut unifies electronic art, design and health.

City of Sydney historian Dr. Lisa Murray argues for the preservation of digital records both as a way of remembering the past but also to plan for the future.

Horticulturalist and entrepreneur Joost Bakker welcomes us to the world of CBD farming.

Founding director of International Anti-Poaching, Damien Mander, talks about his role as contemporary warrior of the animal world.

To find out more, visit the Speaker page



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