Portland is home home  for LS curator Katie. Full of familiar faces and favourite places. Portland is for lovers.

Handpressed by the one and only Diane Toepfer, the creative brain & rocking spirit behind Ferdinand, I can not get enough of her love for Portland, Maine and all things googley, glittery, kitteny, or derby! Check out her site & pick yourself up something real nice! www.etsy.com/shop/ferdinandhome

psssttt…Ferdinand is also the drumming squirrel world headquarters!

Ferdinand, nothing but love!


2 thoughts on “Portland…

  1. Maine!!! Oh, and Katie I remember now….the nearest town was Augusta. (I think Portland may have been the other one, as I remember we had a choice of two for our day-off adventures! lol)

    PS: Thanks for the re-blog….so sweet of you 🙂


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