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From the hills of Adelaide hails Woodside Cheese Wright and Head Cheesemaker Kris Lloyd. A champion of local produce, Kris shares some of her favourites and a few tips for eating seasonally. Her goat curd recipe, full of complex flavours yet is simple and gorgeous, pulls together a few of her favourites into one tasty treat. Local Sprouts tested the recipe out this weekend and it is fab!

LS:  What are some of your favourite local produce/products?

Honeycomb, olive oil, and  figs are all local products used in the Woodside Cheese Wrights Goat Curd recipe.  Woodside Cheese Wrights Goat Curd has to be one of my favourite cheeses it is made using fresh local Goat Milk – I have the luxury of getting my hot little hands on it when it is just minutes old. I have been caught several times eating it straight from the tub and copious amounts of it – the taste is citrusy, light and the texture almost fluffy. Buzz Honey from Adelaide Hills, Willabrand Figs from Adelaide Hills and Coriole Olive Oil from McLaren Vale are all used in the recipe below.

LS: Any tips for how you take advantage of seasonal fruit & veg? 

I have a big veggie patch so I am constantly harvesting veggies herbs etc, love basil pesto when we have loads of basil, tomatoes in salsa using our cucumbers and tomatoes with handfuls of our mint and spring onions.

LS: What does ‘local’ mean to you and your work?

Local to me is South Australian – we have an excellent array of good produce available to us throughout the state and are spoilt for choice – I encourage all South Australians to buy local wherever possible. By doing this they are our food ambassadors!

For my work it means I can add to the sustainability of my region by employing local people, using local milk from local dairies and adding to the food tourism experience of the region. We have won many awards that have gained National press. This also raises awareness not only of our Company and products, but the region we belong to.

Fig and Fennel Toast with Woodside Cheese Wrights Goat Curd and Honey copy



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