Urban and Sustainable

Urban Food Market is a food lovers dream! Full of sustainable produce from paddock, field and sea, Urban Food Market offers something for every diet and season. Local Sprouts has hear stellar reviews of their cooking classes and is drooling to get to a MeatUp.  And to round it all out, they even have catering!

Enter Tim Elwin, Managing Director, who loves some great local gems in Surry Hills and Marrickville and is feeling the love from sustainable, ethical food lovers from all over Sydney.

LS: What should Local Sprouts readers should know about you?

I am someone who grew up around food  with a mother who is an amazing cook. I am always 2-3 meals ahead as I am always excited by the next meal! (Seriously ask my wife, it drives her crazy!)

LS: Where is your local community/neighbourhood and what do you love about it/how could you describe it?

I have lived in Surry hills for the past 11years and its amazing watching its transformation to a family community not to mention crap loads food! For work, Marrickville is my local and it is wonderful! There is such a great community feel and local of warm generous regulars that come visit us every weekend.

LS: If you were showing someone from out of town around your local area, where would you take them?

I would take them to Reuben Hills for breakfast, then Ward Park for a little picnic with the kids with some gelato in toe from Gelato Messina, then to The Clock on the balcony for a couple of beers and watch the people go by and finally down to Berta for dinner! (I start work at 5am so no night life for me….)

LS:  What does ‘local’ mean to you, your family and your work?

TE: Local for me and my family means walking distance, means community. Being caught up on our street chatting to neighbours for hours (this happens a lot) … for work, it means driving distance and within the state. Our farms where we source our ethical & Sustainable meats are within 1-3hrs with one being a 6hr drive (free range goat from Dorrigo).

LS: Hidden local gem? 

TE: I don’t know about ‘hidden’ but Hidden Gem at home is Il Baretto, our local Italian restaurant and Gelato Messina. Consistently delivering good Italian food starting long before my time in Surry Hills (cute name huh).   Hidden Gem at work is Coffee Alchemy! I actually often have an affogato at home marrying 2 of favorite gems together! And then there’s Farmer Joes… making wonderful muesli.

LS: Local person, cultural or food experience Local Sprouts should seek out?

TE: Surry Hills: Coffee Cupping at Reuben Hills… 10am Fridays…

Marrickville: Our 9 course degustation dinners that we hold once a month at our warehouse (shameless self-promotion!)

Local Sprouts is sold! Meatup here I come!

Urban Food Market

Unit 1, 168 Victoria Rd Marrickville NSW 2204




2 thoughts on “Urban and Sustainable

  1. Tim runs a great and necessary business. We don’t visit as often as we want – tyranny of distance, but when we want good meat from an ethical source he’s one of our go to guys.


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