Potty Talk

I recently have developed a bizarre interest in public toilets. It is a fascination I hope will end very, very soon. As some of you may know from social media tweets and posts, my toilet has been replaced by a bucket and my lovely real estate agent is, unfortunately, unable to provide a solution.

Meet my new toilet.  And send get well wished to my beloved, hooked to first world plumbing toilet. They are good friends because, well, there are no other options.

Meet my new toile, the one in blue

During the day, I have the wonderful opportunity of sneaking in and out of public toilets around Mosman, a posh Sydney suburb, and I have discovered some gems. When I couldn’t offer my pregnant friend the use of my toilet in my own home, we were warmly welcomed by a local car washing business to use their toilets. They were amazing! Real hand towels tied with red ribbons and a wicker basket to collect the used ones. How very lovely. And a very stark contract to my real estate agent’s toilet. Disclaimer: If horribly disgusting, dirty and cringeworthy toilet shots are not your thing, please quickly scroll to the next paragraph! I could never let a real friend, especially a pregnant friend, wee here.

Exclusive Use First National Mosman Toilet

Phew! Sorry about that!

I’ve seen scandalous in a good way toilets, like the photo below. And scandalous in a bad way toilets, like a local Council toilet which has black lights, which I thought was bizarre, but have since learned that it so intravenous drug users can’t see their veins. Wow! This is turning into such a sociological adventure! New cultural knowledge everywhere!

Scandalous Toilet

I also discovered a Sound System Toilet, which was high flying and very electric. Sorry the photo is a bit blurry, but when you have been in search of a functioning toilet, other priorities are taking over!

Sound System Toilet

But what I have learned most is that basic, fundamental sanitation facilities are hard to come by in posh suburbs of Sydney, like Mosman and that real estate agents think you’re absolutely mad to ask for a reasonable solution where everyone can be happy and pee in peace.

So show them some love! They’ve yet to respond to me, but maybe a few cheers from the crowd will wake them up. Maybe they brought a good read into the toilet? First National can be included in your tweets by using 2 twitter handles: 

@RealEstateCast  and


And while you’re out there in the social interweb land, why not show them a little facebook love too?

And on a serious note, if you are at all moved by the plight of the toilet-less, please make a donation to Habitat for Humanity in Yunnan Provence as while living in the old city of Lijiang, in Yunnan Provence in China 10 years ago, Local Sprouts curator Katie last used a bucket toilet.



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