All in a Day’s Work

We all need it. Some of us love it. Some of us fear it. I love it! I’m talking about adrenaline. Rafting the River Nile can really get your heart pumping–class V whitewater, crocs in the river, schistosomiasis. Regardless of the list, the need prevails. Adventure. Fun. Exctiement. And sometimes, a really great story.

On this particular trip down The Nile, everyone was up for a wild ride. We wanted to hit the rapids hard. We wanted to swim. We wanted a day fuelled by neurotransmitters. Except for one. She wanted a gentle ride. Her partner wanted the thrill. She didn’t want to get wet. He wanted the thrill. She wanted to be in the same boat as him. He wanted, well you can see where this is going. She, reluctantly, ended up in the balls to the wall boat. Follow the journey of the first set of rapids you hit on The Nile. Class V Whitewater.

It looks so peaceful and beautiful…


View from Above

Take a closer look…

Class V on The Nile


There’s even a warning!



Which some people choose to ignore. Hey, TIA.

From the Side


And this is where the ride ended for that girl. First set of rapids. Boat went up. We all fell like dominos out the back, stacked up one on top of another. We all went swimming. She did not like swimming.

View from the heart of the action

I swam over to her and my lifeguard skills kicked in to high gear. She had been hit by something, a paddle or foot, on the way out of the boat. In the face. So hard her bottom teeth went through the flesh & skin below her bottom lip. She was literally red in the face from the blood. But I kept thinking ‘It’s her head, it always looks like so much more.’ She had no idea. I asked her to flip over so I could swim her to the rescue boat. And she spoke. She had no front teeth. Pretty bad day at the office, huh?

Long and short of it. 2 doctors in the boat. We got her to shore, called the medivac helicopter. She and her partner exited starboard and we all carried on. Gorgeous day on the river.



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