Collegiate Love

Whenever I hit the road, I sometimes find pieces of home along the way. Street signs, local shops and even churches which bare the name of my beloved alma mater, Saint Michael’s College in Vermont. Here is a pictorial journey through some of my favourite Saint Michael’s finds from far, far away.

St. Michael’s Church in the Wye Valley, Wales

All signs lean to Saint Michael's in Wye Valley, Wales


The actual St. Michael’s Church in the Wye Valley, Wales.




Saint Michaels Church Wye Valley, Wales


Saint Michael’s Church in Beer, UK. Yes, there is a seaside town of Beer and it is well worth a visit for a long leisurely weekend.



St. Michael's Church in Beer, UK


Saint Michael’s Street in Oxford, UK

St. Michael's Street in Oxford


Saint Michael’s College love in Oxford, UK! And it’s not even my car!

SMC love! And it's not even my car!


Saint Michael’s Alumna find Saint Michel in Paris!

Saint Michel, Paris, France with fellow SMC alumna


What funny things make you smile when you travel?



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