Sweets Before Eats

After some hype around the multicultural city of Fairfield which has so many plates to please your palate, SarahKate and I ventured out West to Fairfield. Armed with shopping bags and our sense of adventure, we were off!

When you venture out of the car after an hour+ car trip, you quickly realize life is too short and Chile is way too far away! La Paula Continental Cakes was our first stop. Tres Leches cake was calling our name! And anything else dulce de leche for that matter. We were in love with the sweet smell as we opened the door, and the beautiful cakes and pastries took the right edge off.

Tres Leches

Sweet Spoonful

Sort of Afajores

Back on track, we were on the hunt for some delicious filipino food. Masquerading as a small grocery store, Sans Rival is so much more. Once inside, the hot foods bar takes centre stage. 8 choices make selecting 2 difficult as they all look really incredible. From pork dishes to heart and lungs or noodles to mung beans, they all catch our eye. We both are drawn to the marrow with pork and shrimp and beef in a rich tomato sauce, served with rice for $9.50. Yes, you read that right! $9.50! Both were fabulous, but the marrow with pork and shrimp was the dark horse. We thought it might be interesting and good to try something different, but were we wrong. It stole the show. Clean flavours, the marrow still firm on the bite, but soft enough to have absorbed the broth. Stellar, really. Star of the day!


When we were finished, we took a look around the shop to see what was on offer. Dried mango, Banana sauce (great for fried meats and fish as a dipping sauce) and Ding Dong snacks (spicy!) were procured, and all recommended by the very helpful shop owners.


Local Sprouts votes Fairfield City as a great community which really highlights the diversity in Sydney and Australia. Worth a trip or two to take it all in, stock up your pantry and fill your stomach, Fairfield could easily become a regular destination for great food and a little something out of the ordinary. Wander around to get a real feel for the generous community and friendly people of Fairfield. There’s so much to experience!

La Paula Continental Cakes Shop 1, 9 Barbara St. Fairfield

Sans Rival 13/52-68 The Crescent, Fairfield


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