Barrio de Lola

Local Sprouts curator Katie and Lola Peris have been long time partners in adventure, originally meeting in India then pairing up again in Uganda and Europe.

Partners in Adventure!

Partners in Adventure!

Lola and her family are Katie’s ‘other family’, sharing holidays, vacations, birthdays and long lunches full of amazing food. So, vamos! Read on and get to know Lola’s local!

Family Vacation

Family Vacation

LS: Who are you? What makes you tick? Any special details Local Sprouts readers should know about you?

LP: I am a female from Madrid and I live in a very lively neighbourhood named Lavapies. Sunshine, a cold nice bottle of beer sharing time with friends is one of the things that makes me tick!

Typical Bar Scene in Lavapies

Typical Bar Scene in Lavapies

I work in the business area of town, for a company that makes energy from the sun. Very interesting eh! Well, my role in the company isn’t so interesting…I am the assistant to three directors, the office manager and I manage the visas and work permits for all the employees in the company. Yes, I know, I´m still only one person…

Since my job is pretty boring I am studying to become a kundalini yoga teacher. Not that I pretend to make a living out of it, but it reminds me that there are great things in life rather than boring jobs.

A little Yoga at the Albert Nile in Uganda

A little Yoga at the Albert Nile in Uganda

LS: Where is your local community/neighbourhood and what do you love about it/how could you describe it?

LP: As I said, I live in Lavapies, it is a very old neighbourhood in Madrid, where everyone has a place. Elderly people are chatty, and can tell you stories of when there were no locks on the doors…young families with children, immigrants from all over the world with their little businesses. There is a refreshing cultural mix and good vibrations!

Street Art in Madrid

Street Art in Madrid

LS: If you were showing someone from out of town around your local area, where would you take them?

Lavapies Sideshow

Lavapies Sideshow

LP: I could take them anywhere they´d like depending on their preferences. You can find any type of food around, cheap, posh, Spanish, Indian, Moroccan, Turkish…If they like art, there are many big museums around, small exhibits, theater, the filmoteca de Madrid, parks…the visitor asks, the neighbourhood gives!

Lola showing Katie the sights!

Lola showing Katie the sights!

LS: What does ‘local’ mean to you?

LP: To me local means that you go to buy bread and the baker already knows what you want and asks you how your last family lunch went. I have my favourite places to by tomatoes, for instance, or spices, or if I leave home without keys…I can ask the guy at the bar to lend me money because he knows me.

LS: Hidden local gem?

LP: There is a little “church of duckology” where you can get any anti religious celebration!

LS: Hmmm, sounds interesting…

LS: What local person, cultural or food experience Local Sprouts should seek out in Lavapies?

LP: There is a Moroccan restaurant called La Alhambra that I like, where only local Moroccans go to. It is extremely cheap and the food is mother´s food.

LS: Sounds amazing! I can’t wait to get back to Lavapies this summer for more adventures!


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