San Francisco Favorite Eats

Here’s the list of a few of my favorite spots. You don’t need my descriptions or photos. You just need this list! And this bit of advice. Eat your weight in tacos. Or at least one a day. You’ll thank me later.

Dynamo Donuts for the obvious. and the unique.

Mission Beach Cafe for best brunch in SF

Sweet Maples millionaire’s bacon (go during the week when the wait is less)

Balompie for pupusas

Blue Barn for salad & a taste of the Marina neighborhood. go at lunch and wear your yoga gear.

Tommaso’s for pizza and pasta (get the half and half so you can try pasta & ravioli)

The Cheeseboard Collective pizza by the people, for the people.

Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen noodle kugel & 1/2 sandwich 1/2 soup

Tartine Bakery go bananas and eat it all.

Monk’s Kettle for beer.

Southern Pacific Brewery more beer. (get the brussel sprouts)

Humphrey Slocombe crazy ice cream flavour combinations

Tonga Room because everyone needs a dose of cheese every now and again.

TACOS: don’t get crazy and pay $9 for a bloody taco. eat at the local spots, the ones packed with locals, with salsa bars and taco happy hours. $1.25 people.


Out of Town but worth the journey…

Swanton Berry Farm sea views, men in carhartts, baked goods and jam.

Phil’s Fish Market Cioppino & a walk on the beach.



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