Snack Time!

Most of us hit that wall around 3 pm. The urge to have a little something to get us through to dinner. In Spain, they even have a name for this type of snack, la merienda. Typically a piece of fruit or small sandwich, it takes the edge off and gets you through to dinner. I try to be good and have a healthy snack. But sometimes, you come across something special. Something real special. Like Ding Dongs! These are not the ding dongs from my American childhood. Oh no sir-e-Bob. This spicy snack was procured on a trip to Fairfield, they made the trip so worth it! Soy beans, peanuts (25% more!), freeze dried peas, corn nuts and sweet and spicy surprises, all working together to get me through to dinner. What are some of your favourite snacks? Where do you go to find out-of-the-ordinary snacks?

Hot & Spicy!

Hot & Spicy!



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