How long is ten years in restaurant years?

Data, graphs and dining out! These are a few of my favourite things!

Sydney: Feed Me

Sometimes it seems that the primary function of mainstream Sydney food news providers is either to build hype for new restaurant openings, or to lament a long list of restaurants that are about to close, so I was excited to learn that our local favourite, Restaurant Atelier, was celebrating its ten year anniversary this April. We booked in for their $100 “Back to the Future” degustation menu to get a taste of menu favourites past and present, and weren’t disappointed.

Kicking off with the Kangaroo Island Hen Egg ‘Atelier’ (silky smooth and rich with foie gras), I wondered whether it was possible to quantify just how difficult it is to survive ten years in the industry (or just how good you have to be to make it happen). It turns out that the lovely people at the Australian Bureau of Statistics (people who collect and publish data are my…

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