Making Friends with Something Sweet

When your house is surrounded by scaffolding and your wake-up call is the sound of painters gathering at the gate, you know your world is a bit topsy-turvy in the construction zone.I’ve met them all, can greet them by name and have even had a knock at my window to see if I could heat up a lunch. Of course! But when the construction is 3 weeks in and you have 9 more to go, it is time to ensure you are on their sweet side!

Drum Roll!!!! No Bakes for Tradies!
Adapted with love from my childhood memories

No Bakes 


.5 C Butter
1.5 C Raw Sugar
.5 C Milk
5 Tbsp Cocoa
.5 C Peanut Butter
3.25 C Quick Cooking Oats
3 tsp Vanilla


Put butter, sugar & milk in saucepan & bring to rapid boil for a minute-ish & ensure sugar it totally dissolved. Whisk a bit to get it all mixed-up & happy. Turn heat down to med-low.

Add cocoa and peanut butter. Whisk some more to get peanut butter all melted in. Shut heat off. Add oats and vanilla. Mix it all up so that it is all covered in the cocoa/peanut butter goodness.

 Spoon 12 dollops onto wax paper or tinfoil. Let cool & serve up with napkins and a smile!


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