BBQ for Breakfast!

I dream of the rare opportunity to eat BBQ for breakfast! Some cultures eat noodle for breakfast, others enjoy cereal. But BBQ?! Dreams really do come true! Smokey O’s BBQ & The Rag Land have teamed up to bring the people of Sydney BBQ goodness for breakfast & lunch today & tomorrow! Texas Toast (thick, heavenly slices of bread, buttered on both sides & fried up to crispy state of goodness), corn griddle cakes, home cured & apple smoked maple bacon, beef ribs, BBQ beans, and tangy apple slaw. How can you go wrong? Well, miss it and you’ll know what it feels like to be oh so wrong. It is Australian Bacon Week if you need an excuse!

So get in & have your BBQ dreams come true! Here’s a little taste to get you salivating! So do yourself a favour & get on down to The Rag Land tomorrow for breakfast or lunch! See you there!

Smokey O’s at The Rag Land 129 Raglan St  Redfern NSW 2017




photo (4)




photo (6)photo (7)


photo (8)






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