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For any beer connoisseur in Sydney, The Local Taphouse in Darlinghurst is a regular place to stop off, have a beer or two and a good chat about all things hops, fermentation and infusion trends. It is also a great place for a little friendly Aussie/UK rivalry at their SpecTAPular event, the next of which is coming up this Saturday 15 June.

What is The Local Taphouse?

The Local is a three-story European-style tavern that focuses mainly on microbrew craft beer, exceptional service and good times! We have a sister venue in Melbourne and together we have over 40 daily changing taps from around Australia and the world as well as over 50 bottled beers.

Who is The Local Taphouse?

In 2008, mates and passionate craft beer enthusiasts Steve Jeffares and Guy Greenstone launched The Local Taphouse in St Kilda East. Twelve months later, they brought a bit of Melbourne to Sydney when The Local Taphouse opened in Darlinghurst. With a dedicated and passionate team of managers and staff, the venues have received numerous awards and are frequently judged the best speciality beer venues in Australia.

Your taps are always changing what’s flowing from them.  Do you have any special beers or beer-centric events coming up soon?

We always have the best of the best on our taps, and we really give a springboard to a lot of newer brands because people trust our selection. Our taps change daily and are limited to usually one or two kegs depending on the rarity of the beer so the best way to keep up to date is keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook updates where we post the taplists. The Wallabies Lions SpecTAPular is coming up on June 15.

Tell us about the SpecTAPular?

SpecTAPular is a beer festival that is held quarterly and always has a theme, usually surrounding a country. The last couple we’ve had have been the US SpecTAPular and the Italian SpecTAPular and both of those events had brews that are very hard to find in Australia so it gives the beer enthusiasts a chance to finally try them.

The Wallabies Lions SpecTAPular is a support for the British & Irish Lions Tour happening around the country at the moment and we have 10 UK beers going up against 10 Australian beers – including 2 ciders and an authentic hand pump cask ale from Australian Brewery. Doors open at 12pm and the line-up will be released over the 7 days preceding the event.

Which of our favourites will you have on tap for the event?

Well, I know that the Chuck Norris Red Ale was a massive hit recently but we won’t have that back until later in the year, but just come in and I guarantee that you’ll find something new and exciting that you love. Although, Feral Brewing’s Fanta Pants (Imperial Red Ale) might just be on… *nudge nudge*

Which SpecTAPular beer is your favourite?

I can’t wait to try the hand pumped cask ale from AB. I know it’ll be a hit with the poms!

You’ve got quite the menu! Any food specials/suggested pairings during the SpecTAPular?

Our Head Chef David Thackray and his team will make sure you get your stodge on, so bring an empty stomach, a penchant for English food (which these days has gotten a whole lot better) and we’ll supply the cheer!

The Local Taphouse is at 122 Flinders St (cnr of South Dowling and Flinders) Darlinghurst.
Twitter @localtaphouseDL

**Originally posted on Neat Eats 



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