Fatima’s Big Finish! Educate!

Have you ever wondered where your generous donation really goes? Is it really making a difference in the life of a real person who really needs it? As some of you know, I have years of professional experience in the world of NGOs, and have seen both sides of the donation coin. Today I am sharing with you the story of Fatima, and an opportunity to donate with a difference. Each dollar you donate will go directly to supporting Fatima and her educational journey.

To add a little bit more to the story, let me share a bit about Janet & Zach, two amazing and dear friends who I have had the opportunity to see in action in El Salvador. Their work in local communities in El Sal was monumental, with a strong focus on youth, education and community. So you have my personal stamp of approval on this fundraiser. Don’t want to take my word for it? Janet & Zach have partnered with Project Salvador, who is managing the funds and providing Fátima with academic support while Janet & Zach can’t be in El Salvador.

Interested in supporting the education of Fatima and making a real difference in the life of a real person? To make a donation, please click here, and make sure to write “Janet and Zach’s Scholarship fund” in the special instructions field! Many thanks for all your support! It truly means so much to me, Janet, Zach & Fatima and her family.

Fatima's Big Finish!


One thought on “Fatima’s Big Finish! Educate!

  1. Congratulations to Zack and Janet for getting this scholarship project going. I know how difficult they can be, and good luck to Fatima in the next few years finishing her studies.


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