Almond skillet cake with peaches.

I can not wait to make this for breakfast on Saturday! Looks like a wonderful weekend treat!

It’s not a cobbler, a brown betty or a buckle… It’s not a coffee cake or a crumble. It’s a skillet cake! Hearty and rustic and golden brown, buttermilk makes it tender and lighter than you would expect and fresh, ripe peaches gives it the perfect amount of sweetness. Baking in a cast-iron skillet always lends a bit of drama to the presentation, in my eyes, and any cake that can be dessert by adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream or breakfast by eating a slice alongside your mug of coffee is a winner.

The beauty of the upside down style I used for this almond skillet cake is threefold. One, if you can get it out of the pan intact, it is pretty pretty pretty on a plate, with the fruit golden brown and shiny from butter and sugar. Two, maybe more important than aesthetics, cooking the fruit…

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