Good Morning Sydney!

Morning Commute: Some Sydney-siders take the ferry to and from the city for work each day. Can it get any better than dolphins in your carpool?

Morning Commute: Some Sydney-siders take the ferry to and from the city for work each day. Can it get any better than dolphins in your carpool?


Always Beautiful

Some views never get old, no matter how many times you go by. The Sydney Opera House is one place I always love to go pass. In sunshine or rain, daytime or night, it is iconic. It is beautiful. It is always impressive.


Dang Ol’ Deep-Fried Down-Home Thanksgiving at Stately Prick Manor

This is how I celebrated Thanksgiving down under. How are you celebrating the best holiday of the year?

Prick With A Fork

The Prick is just going to put it right out there: Thanksgiving is the greatest holiday on the calendar, and everyone – not just Americans – should celebrate it.

Falling in between Halloween and Christmas on the calendar (traditionally, for Americans, on the last Thursday of the last full week in November), Thanksgiving has it all over the other end-of-year holidays.

Christmas is great (Halloween less so), but either way Thanksgiving does not require much in the way of expensive disposable crap to celebrate, nor does it teach the children to beg their neighbours for candy or their parents for toys.

No warbling R&B singer has ever released an album of autotuned Thanksgiving carols to be played on an endless loop in the supermarkets.

And getting in the spirit of the day requires little more than an ecumenical gratefulness and a willingness to have a big meal and a good…

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Reel Food Night

It is back and this year it is a local film about real food! Join Youth Food Movement and see the premiere of their original short film Sourced. Throw in some handcrafted goodies and a panel discussion following the film, and you have yourself a great Thursday night!

The film explores our role in the future of small-scale agriculture and localised Sydney food systems by tracing the stories and farmers behind our food from paddock to plate. Heaps of food films are US based so it’s pretty exciting to be able to see an Australian story! Get your tickets here and I’ll see you at the movies!

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Thanksgiving traditions: zingy cranberry sauce.

Always on the lookout for Thanksgiving recipes to keep the celebrations fresh, exciting and delicious!

I hesitated to write this post; cranberry sauce is such a polarizing condiment and I didn’t want to start anything. But then my love won over my doubt, because cranberry sauce is one of my very favorite parts of Thanksgiving dinner. I love the stuff that slides out of a can, even though I shouldn’t (and haven’t actually tasted it in years, so it’s probably not what I remember… but I digress). I love the cranberry-orange relish I associate with holiday meals at my Nana’s house. I love my Mom’s homemade cranberry sauce with dried apricots and orange juice. But most of all, I love the way I make cranberry sauce, with candied ginger and lime, and I am sharing the recipe today so you can have some on your holiday table if you’d like. I made mine last night in less than twenty minutes.

My method and combination of…

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Settling into Summer

I am back! Sydney has welcomed me back with dashes of sunshine and a peppering of thunderstorms and electrifying lightening shows, helping to make Europe seem like a distant memory. I was lucky enough to spend lots of time with good friends in Spain, revisit my beloved Bristol, explore new parts of the UK, catch-up with some brainiac friends in The Netherlands and indulge in all Bruges has to offer (well, in the beer and chocolate world!). I am looking forward new recipes, exciting interviews, and miscellaneous mixes of community, culture and whims on the blog, so keep your eyes peeled! Until then, I’ll share a picture from my weekend in Llivia, Catalunya, Spain.

Photo Credit to my pal Pela

Photo Credit to my pal Pela