Dang Ol’ Deep-Fried Down-Home Thanksgiving at Stately Prick Manor

This is how I celebrated Thanksgiving down under. How are you celebrating the best holiday of the year?

Prick With A Fork

The Prick is just going to put it right out there: Thanksgiving is the greatest holiday on the calendar, and everyone – not just Americans – should celebrate it.

Falling in between Halloween and Christmas on the calendar (traditionally, for Americans, on the last Thursday of the last full week in November), Thanksgiving has it all over the other end-of-year holidays.

Christmas is great (Halloween less so), but either way Thanksgiving does not require much in the way of expensive disposable crap to celebrate, nor does it teach the children to beg their neighbours for candy or their parents for toys.

No warbling R&B singer has ever released an album of autotuned Thanksgiving carols to be played on an endless loop in the supermarkets.

And getting in the spirit of the day requires little more than an ecumenical gratefulness and a willingness to have a big meal and a good…

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