Thanksgiving traditions: zingy cranberry sauce.

Always on the lookout for Thanksgiving recipes to keep the celebrations fresh, exciting and delicious!

I hesitated to write this post; cranberry sauce is such a polarizing condiment and I didn’t want to start anything. But then my love won over my doubt, because cranberry sauce is one of my very favorite parts of Thanksgiving dinner. I love the stuff that slides out of a can, even though I shouldn’t (and haven’t actually tasted it in years, so it’s probably not what I remember… but I digress). I love the cranberry-orange relish I associate with holiday meals at my Nana’s house. I love my Mom’s homemade cranberry sauce with dried apricots and orange juice. But most of all, I love the way I make cranberry sauce, with candied ginger and lime, and I am sharing the recipe today so you can have some on your holiday table if you’d like. I made mine last night in less than twenty minutes.

My method and combination of…

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