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A Trio of Blinis for New Year’s Eve

These look fabulous! A nice change from caviar or smoked salmon!

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blinisIt is my ‘bad’ luck that I am posting two pancake recipes in a row. Bad is obviously in inverted commas because of course how can any reference to pancakes be bad? Dropping a whole pile of them on the floor – that would be bad. But devoting two posts to nearly the easiest thing you can do with flour? Surely not. But in case you were thinking this is a redux of the last post, save for some fancy stuff on top, you would be mistaken.

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Multinationals carving up Africa for food


December 30, 2013 

Big multinationals are staging a land grab, dispossessing farmers and stirring up political turmoil, writes Richard Schiffman.

A gold rush is happening in Ethiopia, but it’s not a hunt for the yellow metal. It’s a quest for the green gold of fertile farmland.

A nation more associated with periodic famine and acute childhood malnutrition than with agricultural bounty is leasing millions of hectares  to foreign companies that  want to grow and export food to places such as  Saudi Arabia, China, India and Europe.

One-third of the  Gambela area in western Ethiopia, for example, is being leased for the next 50 years by the Bangalore food company Karuturi Global. Forests are being clear-cut, swamps drained, rivers diverted and whole villages moved to make way for flower farms and palm-oil and rice plantations.

The government in Addis Ababa says it needs foreign companies like Karuturi Global to help…

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