Bridge Street Garage

Lots of metal, lots of cars, lots of dude food testosterone. Bridge Street Garage is all things dude, fast and fuelled. Burgers and ribs are tops, as is the CBD location. Perfect for work week lunch, post-work fill-up or late night drive through. Bridge Street ticks all the burgers-are-hot-in-Sydney boxes. Hip fit-out, straight forward service, you know what you’re getting. You can even watch them make the burgers in a glassed in cage, kind of Maccas-esque. Just a glimpse of the action every now and then. Suggestions: Get the ribs. A notch above the burgers. They were so good, they were literally moving towards my mouth when I took a pictures & made it blurry. Whoops! On your mark, get set, GO! 




Oh So Good Ribs

Oh So Good RibsIMG_0050





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