The spirit of giving.

Nothing is better for the holidays than a cookie recipe from Mom…even if it’s someone else’s Mom!

Today is my Mom’s birthday, and I wish Happy, Happy Birthday to her!  I called her this morning to say so and asked what her plans were for the day, expecting to hear that she was going to lunch, or visiting with friends or relaxing with a book.  But I was wrong.  Her plan, for at least half the day, was to bake: pumpkin bread for neighbors and friends, onion rolls for my grandfather, more molasses cookies.  For the month of December, my Mom’s kitchen becomes a bakery, and taking the 20th off because it’s her birthday does not happen.

As a kid, I remember taking a sled (it was Maine) or wagon and tromping around the block, usually with my brother in tow, to deliver cookies and bread to the neighbors.  I was mortified, thinking that it was weird to give things to people because we weren’t getting baked…

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