Many Sydneysiders fear the Sydney Harbour Bridge. What lurks to the north and why would anyone want to live there? The thinking is similar to a New Yorker’s view, not so closely held these days, of bridge and tunnel people, ie those who live off the island.

In Sydney, there are many reasons to cross the bridge–gorgeous beaches, surfing, amazing beaches and Ryo’s, a Japanese ramen joint. Just over the bridge in Crow’s Nest, Ryo’s can be seen miles away from it’s bright orange exterior which is often camouflaged by a substantial wall of people waiting their turn to enter through the curtains and into ramen heaven. Not to fear, the line moves along and there is plenty to go around if you get in early! Don’t stop at the ramen. The fried chicken is incredible and the pork buns are pretty stellar. The gyoza, on the other hand, we a bit lackluster, but give them a go and see what you think. Feast your eyes on this while you wait your turn! 

Wall of Specials at Ryo'sRamen! So many options...Fried Chicken. Amazing!


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