Spit to Manly Walk

One of the best kept secrets in Sydney is the Spit to Manly walk, which goes from the Spit Bridge in Mosman to the wharf in Manly. Around 10 kilometres through bushland, beachfronts and hillsides, this 3-4 hour walk is a great opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Sydney. Start early to avoid the midday heat and pack lots of water and snacks since it will really just be you and mother nature out there! Bring along some sunscreen and your bathing suit so you stop off at one or more of the gorgeous beaches along the way. Check out the Manly Council site for more information and put your walking shoes on! You might make a few scaly friends along the way and be sent back in time via artworks in the rocks by the original people of Manly. If you need a reward besides swimming and nature to get you through the walk, there is beer and ice cream at the end! Explore Sydney!

look outIMG_1599IMG_1600IMG_1602



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