Harry’s Ice Cream

Harry’s Ice Cream is serving up some of your favourite Aussie flavours as ice cream. What could be better than sticky date pudding on a cone, a pavlova sundae, or raspberry cheesecake straight out of the container? I caught up with Lawrence Harris from Harry’s Ice Cream to learn more about their fresh creamy flavours.

Harry's Ice Cream

Who are you and what do you do at Harry’s Ice Cream?

Lawrence Harris: Director and Co-founder of Harry & Larry’s, an ice cream manufacturer in Brunswick, VIC. We contract manufacture to national food brands, creating award-winning private label ice cream for Coles, Woolworths and ALDI supermarkets, as well as QANTAS and our own brand: Harry’s Ice Cream.

What is the story behind the company?

The Harry & Larry’s ice cream operation began in 1994 when we were mixing small batches of ice cream by hand, five litres at a time, and selling them from a retail store in Chadstone Shopping Centre. Having grown from customer demand for artisanal ice cream, we’re now lucky enough to use the latest technology in ice cream production and the highest quality ingredients to create our award-winning ice creams.

What is Harry’s Ice Cream? What flavours does it come in?

We launched Harry’s Ice Cream last year, and wanted to have some real fun with the brand, focusing on developing complex dessert flavours that Australians know and love, into a frozen treat that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Our fans told us what they wanted to see and we responded.

Championing the unique, unusual and local, we currently offer a range of distinctive and iconic Aussie flavours: Pavlova, Sticky Date Pudding and Raspberry Cheesecake, through Woolworths and select IGA stores across the nation.

Which flavour is your favourite?

It’s close, and very dependent on the day, but I’d have to say Sticky Date Pudding. It’s a deep caramel flavoured ice cream, blended with date sauce and finished with pieces of fudge. The flavour is very nostalgic to me.

What is the best way, in your opinion, to enjoy Harry’s Ice Cream?

As our ice creams are mini desserts in themselves, there is no need to pair them with too many other complex flavours. Instead, we’d recommend serving them in simple waffle cone, or as many of our fans tell us they do, just getting stuck directly into the tub with a spoon!

What makes Harry’s Ice Cream unique?

As well as our delicious flavours and fun retro packaging, we’re also very committed to working with the very best flavours and ingredients available to us here in Australia. We source all of our cream and milk from a wonderful supplier, Kyvalley Dairy, in the Goulburn River Valley, where we know the quality is second to none. Our sugar is also sourced locally, as well as the majority of our specialty ingredients where available, including syrups and ripples.

Above all though, we think our artisanal roots combined with the latest commercial processes, machinery and techniques set us apart from many competitors.

Where can we find Harry’s Ice Cream?

The three flavours are available at Woolworths and select IGA stores throughout Australia with a RRP of $6.99.

**Originally posted on Neat Eats


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