& …

There is always an and. From the mundane to the exciting, & means so, so much. To me it meant, 30 years ago, another sister. As a young kid, I thought it was more of a burden and less for me. But as I grew, both in age and perspective, I know & means so, so much more. An amazing woman, an incredible sister and a wonderful friend. & means something different to everyone, it is all a matter of how you interpret it. Here are a few ways I am thinking of &…

& this one if for you.
& another family member.
& more to enjoy!
& here’s to all life has to offer.
& would you like fries with that?
& another run?
& what do you think?
& when will I get to see you again?
& how about another?
& one for the road.
& many more!

Here’s to many, many more MFS!



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