To My Little Sister on Her 30th Birthday

Great moments in our lives. They can be anything, take any shape and be celebrated in a zillion different ways. My little sister is turning 30 today, and I am celebrating her. She is an absolute gem, full of life, love, creativity, brains, beauty and sass. But being her older, perhaps wiser, sister, who is so far away from her on this special day, I am offering some sage words of wisdom as she enters the next decade.

1. See the world! Keep it local, jump on a plane, hike up a mountain or dive down deep–however you travel, wherever you go, know that the world hold all the adventure and answers you are looking for, you just need to be open to seeing them!

2. Say YES!

3. Dance in the aisles! Laugh out loud! Sing in the shower! Life is full of amazing moments! Make them happen!

4. Love. Love. Love.

5. Call your sister. Any of them! Especially me!

6.  Embrace you! You are you and you are AMAZING! Share all you are with everyone. They will love you…and if they don’t, give them a bit of your glowing smile. That is probably just what they need!

Happy 30th Birthday! You are an absolute rockstar at life. I love you! Thanks for being a bright light in my life!

Happy Birthday Mei!



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