Pizza Night!

Pizza Night!

Pizza Night at Malayaka House

Every Tuesday and Thursday in Lunyo, Entebbe, a group of teenaged girls are rolling out the dough to bring in the dollars, and the skills, for Malayaka House, a home for children. They have mastered pizza making, serving, and restaurant management and filling lots of hungry stomachs along the way.

If you find yourself in Entebbe, ask for directions to Malayaka House–it’s like the local Cheers. Everyone knows our name!


10 alcoholic drinks to replace the pills in your medicine cabinet

Love a healthy dose of alternative medicine!

Lords of the Drinks

Now this is the kind of medicine cabinet we like to see. Now this is the kind of medicine cabinet we like to see.

At Lords of the Drinks we’re not big fans of the world of medicine nowadays. Big pharmaceutical companies rule the world and doctors are slaves of the system who will prescribe you all kinds of drugs for every minor health problem you might feel. Our medical cabinets are booming and as we drug ourselves more and more our immune systems can’t handle anything anymore. Whatever happened to the days when you would just have some hard liquor? Who would want to pop pills if you can have some warm brandy with honey? We already let you in on the Czech drink called Becherovka, now here are 10 more tips to make your liquor cabinet also your medical cabinet.

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