April 8 is National Empanada Day

Ole! Such a great day to celebrate!

Foodimentary - National Food Holidays


Interesting Food Facts about Empanadas

  1. The Spanish word for bread is “pan”.  “Empanar” is a verb form that means “to bread”.  Emapanada is the past-participle, “breaded”.
  2. It’s basically a single-serving turnover.  It can be filled with sweet foods like fruits, sugars, and syrups, or savory foods like meats, cheeses, and oils.
  3. They originated in northwest Spain, in a region known as Galicia.
  4. Today they are most popular in Spanish-speaking countries across Europe and South America.
  5. Originally they were made with bread dough, but now they are made with pastries as well.

Fun Fact:

The bolani is an Afghan variant of the empanada. Bolanis are flatbreads stuffed with vegetables such as spinach or potato. They are served in the evenings during the Muslim feast of Ramadan as well as at other times.

Bolivian empanadas are made with beef, pork, or chicken, and usually contain potatoes, peas and carrots, as well as a hard-boiled…

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10 alcoholic drinks to replace the pills in your medicine cabinet

Love a healthy dose of alternative medicine!

Lords of the Drinks

Now this is the kind of medicine cabinet we like to see. Now this is the kind of medicine cabinet we like to see.

At Lords of the Drinks we’re not big fans of the world of medicine nowadays. Big pharmaceutical companies rule the world and doctors are slaves of the system who will prescribe you all kinds of drugs for every minor health problem you might feel. Our medical cabinets are booming and as we drug ourselves more and more our immune systems can’t handle anything anymore. Whatever happened to the days when you would just have some hard liquor? Who would want to pop pills if you can have some warm brandy with honey? We already let you in on the Czech drink called Becherovka, now here are 10 more tips to make your liquor cabinet also your medical cabinet.

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To My Little Sister on Her 30th Birthday

Great moments in our lives. They can be anything, take any shape and be celebrated in a zillion different ways. My little sister is turning 30 today, and I am celebrating her. She is an absolute gem, full of life, love, creativity, brains, beauty and sass. But being her older, perhaps wiser, sister, who is so far away from her on this special day, I am offering some sage words of wisdom as she enters the next decade.

1. See the world! Keep it local, jump on a plane, hike up a mountain or dive down deep–however you travel, wherever you go, know that the world hold all the adventure and answers you are looking for, you just need to be open to seeing them!

2. Say YES!

3. Dance in the aisles! Laugh out loud! Sing in the shower! Life is full of amazing moments! Make them happen!

4. Love. Love. Love.

5. Call your sister. Any of them! Especially me!

6.  Embrace you! You are you and you are AMAZING! Share all you are with everyone. They will love you…and if they don’t, give them a bit of your glowing smile. That is probably just what they need!

Happy 30th Birthday! You are an absolute rockstar at life. I love you! Thanks for being a bright light in my life!

Happy Birthday Mei!

Happy New Year’s Chicken Tamales

What I would do for a tamale right now!

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

Many cultures have special foods for the New Year.

Growing up, our New Years food could be whatever we could eat while spending the day watching college football. Others, however, have more specific requests:

  • Argentina – Beans
  • Austria – Suckling pig
  • France – Goose or turkey, oysters and champagne
  • Germany – Pfannkuchens (jelly filled doughnuts)
  • Italy – A savory pork sausage and lentils
  • Japan – Buckwheat noodles
  • Mexico and Spain – Grapes
  • Phillippines – Round foods

Even within the United States there are traditions:

  • South – Greens and black-eyed peas
  • Midwest – Pork and sauerkraut
  • Southwest – Tamales

Photo Dec 31, 12 04 17 PM copy - Featured Size

This year I decided to make tamales. I made them on 12/31 and we had a few just so I could get this post up for the new year.

Photo Dec 31, 8 03 13 AM

Make sure you get masa harina and not just regular corn meal. I had red salsa in the picture but found the…

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Food Trends for 2014

Really looking forward to seeing if the Djibouti diner trend takes off in 2014!

skinny girls & mayonnaise

Looking back on the fickle food winds of the past year, while such red hot trends from years past as organ meats, food trucks, bacon confections, pop-up restaurants, red velvet cake/cupcake/ice cream, gold leaf on food, foam and so forth begin their long and inevitable slide into cliché, I wonder what will become trendy in the coming year.

Here are some of my predictions:

• 70s/80s Food
The music is back, so why not the food? We’ve seen the comfort foods of the 50s and 60s — fried chicken, mac and cheese, meatloaf — get their glowing due in the contemporary foodie renaissance. So isn’t it time for the return of the sun-dried tomato and the re-introduction of radicchio? Quiche and blackened catfish, anyone?

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A Trio of Blinis for New Year’s Eve

These look fabulous! A nice change from caviar or smoked salmon!

food to glow

blinisIt is my ‘bad’ luck that I am posting two pancake recipes in a row. Bad is obviously in inverted commas because of course how can any reference to pancakes be bad? Dropping a whole pile of them on the floor – that would be bad. But devoting two posts to nearly the easiest thing you can do with flour? Surely not. But in case you were thinking this is a redux of the last post, save for some fancy stuff on top, you would be mistaken.

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Multinationals carving up Africa for food


December 30, 2013 

Big multinationals are staging a land grab, dispossessing farmers and stirring up political turmoil, writes Richard Schiffman.

A gold rush is happening in Ethiopia, but it’s not a hunt for the yellow metal. It’s a quest for the green gold of fertile farmland.

A nation more associated with periodic famine and acute childhood malnutrition than with agricultural bounty is leasing millions of hectares  to foreign companies that  want to grow and export food to places such as  Saudi Arabia, China, India and Europe.

One-third of the  Gambela area in western Ethiopia, for example, is being leased for the next 50 years by the Bangalore food company Karuturi Global. Forests are being clear-cut, swamps drained, rivers diverted and whole villages moved to make way for flower farms and palm-oil and rice plantations.

The government in Addis Ababa says it needs foreign companies like Karuturi Global to help…

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The spirit of giving.

Nothing is better for the holidays than a cookie recipe from Mom…even if it’s someone else’s Mom!


Today is my Mom’s birthday, and I wish Happy, Happy Birthday to her!  I called her this morning to say so and asked what her plans were for the day, expecting to hear that she was going to lunch, or visiting with friends or relaxing with a book.  But I was wrong.  Her plan, for at least half the day, was to bake: pumpkin bread for neighbors and friends, onion rolls for my grandfather, more molasses cookies.  For the month of December, my Mom’s kitchen becomes a bakery, and taking the 20th off because it’s her birthday does not happen.

As a kid, I remember taking a sled (it was Maine) or wagon and tromping around the block, usually with my brother in tow, to deliver cookies and bread to the neighbors.  I was mortified, thinking that it was weird to give things to people because we weren’t getting baked…

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Brunch at Pinbone

Brunch. My favorite meal of the week. Great company makes it even better! I ventured over to Woollahra in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney with vegeTARAian to check out Pinbone. Not only do they have a great menu, the people in the kitchen were happy to create off-piste to offer an avalanche* of options for vegetarians. Check out Pinbone! I’m headed back for dinner soon!


Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict with avocado and creamed corn $18

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict with avocado and creamed corn $18

lights*Winter jokes. Can’t take the Mainer out of me!

Pinbone, 3 Jersey Rd, Woollahra NSW 2025
Dinner Wed-Sat 6pm-late
Brunch Sun 8am-4pm